Young Lawyer Dies In Tom Ojienda’s Mentorship Session

A young lawyer is believed to have been run over and killed by a car along Lang’ata road outside the popular 1824 club following a party cum mentoring session that was convened by Senior Counsel Professor Tom Ojienda.

Ojienda was reported to have treated a large group of young lawyers to a mentoring session which ended with a dose of heaving drinking and endless supply grilled meat at the Club 1824.

We could not get the name of the deceased but police in Lan’gata Police Divisional Headquarters confirmed they are investigating an incident that happened outside the Club 1824.

Ojienda is under pressure to quit the race for JSC representation and sort his legal problems first.

A review of social media accounts of various individuals in the legal fraternity indicate lawyers are divided right down the middle over Ojienda’s JSC candidacy.

According to data from NACADA, binge-drinking is getting out of control in Kenya and alcohol abuse is costing the Kenyan government and economy heavily comes in terms of lost man hours, health issues, road accidents and all manner of social vices such as domestic violence.

During the last mentoring and partying session which took place this week at the 1824 on Ojienda’s account, drunken lawyers poured out of the overcrowded pub and on to the busy Lan’gata Road where one of them was run over by a passing motorist.

A number of residents have filed reports with police over incidents of abusive and disruptive behaviour every night within the vicinity of Club 1824.

Ojienda has not commented on the tragic events of that night but in some social media groups, the incident has elicited lively debate amongst lawyers.

Ojienda is desperate to be re-elected as Law Society of Kenya’s representative at the Judicial Service Commission and is sparing no expenses in entertainment of young lawyers under the pretext of mentoring them.

We learnt that Ojienda is also running a secret war room headed by Lawyer Nelson Havi that is churning out propaganda against his perceived opponents and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Sources in LSK told Kenyan Analyst  that the race for the LSK male representative to the JSC has narrowed down between Ojienda and Macharia Njeru after Alex Gatundu dropped out of the race.



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